2015 saw the rise of HIIT classes and yoga workouts reaching stratospheric heights (Yoga up the Shard is a thing now!), spin studios got made over into nightclubs and we tied ourselves to the ceiling for suspension training… Last year was loud, fun and colourful and this year is turning out to be even harder, faster and more fun!  

We’ve rounded up some of the awesome, innovative and somewhat crazy fitness trends we think will be making waves this year. 

For the ultimate fusion of two workouts try spinning in a pool

Quite simply this is a spin class set in a swimming pool! The bikes are submerged under water and you pedal away frantically as you would with an instructor but the difference is you are in your swim wear and you have a load of water resistance to pedal through. We spoke to Aquallure  who explained the benefits as everything you would normally get from a spin class – so it’s cardio and calorie busting but with much lower impact on your joints. This makes it a great class for anyone who is recovering for an injury or looking for a great workout with lower impact.


Make sure you’ve got your Wet Sweats bag with you for transporting your wet kit home.

If you love a bit of kids play try trampolining 

Trampolines are nothing new but 2016 is set to be the year we see us bouncing our way to fitness. The benefits of a good bounce are that it is a low gravity and low impact cardio workout – and loads of fun too! Check out and see if your gym is offering a trampolining class yet, visit a specialist trampoline park like Gravity Force or better yet, get one for your garden and try out these bouncing workouts.. 

Enjoy the benefits of surfing hundreds of miles from the beach

Surfing doesn’t only look damn cool but is also a really great way to get fit and super-toned. Great for strengthening your core and burns a surprisingly high 450-800kcals per hour.

Now you don’t even have to be near a beach reap the benefits of surfing… If it’s the waves and water putting you off you can surf on a simulator board or find a class from SurfsetFitness

If it’s the salt and the sea, or the unpredictable British waves that’s stopping you check out the Snowdon Wave, Britain’s’ first inland custom made surfing lake. Plans are well underway for Bristol to have its very own Bristol Wave soon too! 

If you want to be able to bend into the shape of a pretzel

Once the preserve of the circus, contortionism is making its way into gyms! Don your leotard and see how bendy you can get – these classes aim to improve your flexibility by opening tight muscle areas. This is one work out you’ll want to warm up for really well first – try our Turn up the Heat roller gel to warm up your muscles before you try these bendy stretches!