Yoga is a great activity to get into that you can practice at home or at a class. Not only has it been shown to help with sleep and mental clarity but it has heaps of benefits for sports and fitness too. Yoga is ever evolving with new styles and trends popping up every month so it can be difficult to pick and choose which style will suit you best. If you want to give yoga a go but are unsure which class to attend check our handy guide to the most popular yoga styles, find a class near you and give it a go!

Hatha Yoga

This is simply the physical practice of yoga – so don’t choose a Hatha class if you’re keen on chanting! The classes tend to be fairly gentle and incorporate the most common postures (or asanas) such as downward dog, mountain and chataranga.

Best for: Beginners

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a more dynamic practice in which you flow from pose to pose, without holding each posture for too long. It’s harder work than Hatha and each class tends to follow a different flow so it’s good if you get bored easily!

Best for: Improving fitness and flexibility

Ashtanga Yoga

Most similar in style to Vinyasa but harder work, this is a powerful practice where you’ll be likely to get out of breath! Great for if you already have a good level of fitness, Ashtanga yoga will help build your strength. The poses get more difficult as the class progresses so prepared to be stretched by the end.

Best for: If you’re after a more challenging work out

Bikram Yoga

Bikram is yoga practiced in a hot room – 105° and humid to make you sweat! If you like routine you’ll like Bikram because the same 26 postures are followed each time and held for longer with the heat helping to deepen the stretch.

Best for: If you want to sweat

Hopefully one of these styles will take your fancy, so why not give your local yoga studio a call and see which of these classes they have this week?