It’s all well and good going to the gym and working out for all you’re worth, but all that time spent running, jumping, lifting and sweating can play havoc on your skin in the long term. It’s really easy to focus on how your body looks and forget that your skin needs a little TLC too – but it is possible to care for your body and keep your skin looking good.

Here are a few tips to help you make sure you don’t end up with a great body but bad skin…

Before Your Workout
● First things first, before you head to the gym remove all your make-up. Yes, ok, we heard that gasp and we know that might sound like a ridiculous suggestion to some people… but if you work out with a full face of make-up it can just clog your pores as your sweat mixes with it. If you cleanse your face before your workout you can avoid this happening. Embrace the natural look!
● Always protect your skin against the sun! If you’re exercising outside make sure you’re wearing sun cream on your body and a moisturiser with an SPF. Again, avoid clogging your pores
by ensuring any facial moisturiser is a lightweight product.


During Your Workout
● Always wipe down equipment before and after use to avoid transferring bacteria onto your hands and then your face. If you’re prone to breakouts, perhaps bring some antibacterial wipes with you for this.
● Avoid wiping sweat off your face with your hands; use a towel instead to pat your face dry. In fact, avoid touching your face at all if you can.
● Consider wearing gloves if you’re lifting weights. Not so that you look super-cool in the gym, but to avoid picking up bacteria from weights that have already been lifted by several different people today.
● Sip water throughout your workout, especially if you’re sweating lots – to make sure you’re replacing the water you’re losing and can remain hydrated.


After Your Workout
● Remove your sweaty clothing and shower as soon as possible, to allow your skin to breathe.
● Put your sweaty clothes straight in the wash; don’t be tempted to wear them again tomorrow!
● Avoid a hot shower, however tempting; hot water can strip your skin of natural oils and leave you itchy. Instead, go for a lukewam shower – or even a cold one, if you can stand it!
● Bring flip flops to wear in the shower to avoid picking up germs from the floor.
● Pat your skin dry; don’t rub. Apply a soothing body oil or moisturiser, preferably unscented to avoid irritating your skin.
● Your skin is extra sensitive after a workout, so now is not the time to try out new products. Instead, go for something gentle and soothing, such as our Game Changer facial scrub to banish redness and soothe your skin.
● Avoid using too many different products on your skin immediately after a workout. Even a moisturiser is better left a little while, until you get home.
● The best way to keep skin hydrated is from within, so make sure you keep up your water intake throughout the day.


Going to the gym needn’t mean you have to just put up with having bad skin. It’s entirely possible to have lovely, glowing skin after a workout and not sacrifice your skincare routine for a workout.

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