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The third Monday in January is statistically the most depressing day of the year but we know the best remedy for the January blues is a jolly good workout! We asked some of our friends what their favourite mood boosting workouts to get the blood pumping and the endorphins flowing. 

Chris Cook’s Tabata Training

Chris Cook is a two times Olympic swimmer and now uses his experience to inspire people of all ages and disciplines to follow their dreams and ambitions. Follow Chris on Twitter to keep up with his news.

What is it?

The beauty of this kind of workout is that you can use whatever is available. So if the gym is filled with too many people signing up for January and you’re not able to use a certain machine, then grab a mat, change up the exercises and get going.

Tabata training is a High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) workout that lasts for only a few minutes (Typically 4 minutes).

How do you do it? Workout hard for 20 seconds then rest for 10 seconds and repeat to complete eight rounds

What is your suggested duration/repetitions? My favourite is the below combination. I usually leave the Rows until later in the workout as these can be very cardiovascular.

1) Push-ups

2) Squats

3) Rows

4) Sit-ups

What are the benefits? Excellent for getting into the fat burning zone and incredible for cardiovascular fitness. You’re not in the gym long so that’s Monday sorted and it builds up a sweat followed by an appetite 

Thank you Chris!

Kim Ingleby’s High Intensity ‘mash up’ pyramid Cycling Workout

Kim Ingleby is a personal trainer, fitness model and adventurer. She founded Energised Performance – The Fit, Mind & Soul Confidence Experts, giving you the tools & support, courage & accountability to help you achieve your goals & feel good.Follow Kim on Twitter to keep up with her news.

What is it?

This is a workout to reach a really high intensity on the bike. 

How do you do it? 

The idea is it starts off easy and increases in intensity until you reach your peak effort, and then slowly the intensity drops again. Effort can be on hills, resistance or speed, just watch technique

What is your suggested duration/repetitions

  • Warm up…  
  • 30 secs at 9/10 effort – 90 secs recovery
  • 60 secs max effort – 90 secs recovery
  • 90 sec max effort – 90 secs recovery 
  • 120 sec max effort – 90 secs recovery 
  • 90 sec max effort – 90 secs recovery 
  • 60 secs max effort – 90 secs recovery
  • 30 secs at 9/10 effort – 90 secs recovery
  • Take an easy 2-5 mins and repeat if you have time and are fit enough!

What are the benefits?
This pyramid structure workout doesn’t only really challenge your body but your mind too – you’ll get an incredible sense of achievement and buzz at the end of it!

Thanks Kim!

Panicos Yusuf’s Stress busting Muay Thai Workout

Panicos Yusuf is a two-time world Muay Thai champion, one of the UK’s most exciting Muay Thai fighters, and part of theTanko Management stable of athletes.

What is it?

Muay Thai, often called the art of eight limbs, is a combat sport which involves the use of hands, knees, elbows and legs. Panicos uses pad work to banish stress and let off steam by hitting pads with full force. This allows you to push beyond your comfort zone and enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. 

What is your suggested duration/repetitions? 

Beginners should start with five two minute rounds, with one minute rests in between, building up to five three minute rounds, mirroring the number and duration of rounds in a Muay Thai boxing fight. This also follows HIIT training timings so you get the added bonus of a fat burn and full body workout too. 

What are the benefits? 

Boxing and kicking pads allows you to relieve stress and tension through energy release. An experienced trainer provides the right level of resistance on the pads, and performs short explosive punch/kick combinations for either a quick workout, or builds in speed and complexity for those more experienced – or if you’ve just had a really bad day.

 Panicos Yusuf has confirmed his most exciting battle to date versus one of Thailand’s most decorated athletes, Kongsak Sitboonme at the hotly anticipated Muay Thai spectacle, The Tanko Main Event, on May 14th 2016, at the Bolton USN Arena. Follow @MainEventMT on Twitter for more information in the run up to the event.

Thanks Panicos!