Aviva Sinay

The Three Rs of Habit Change

 The Three Rs of Habit Change

With National Stress Awareness day falling this week, what a great time to get into better habits – especially regular exercise with its stress busting effects.

Habits can be difficult to make or break but our co-founder Lara Morgan has a simple yet effective method for habit change for you to try:

I have heard of using the three R’s of habit change to help you make your way towards better habits, which ultimately will allow you to achieve better goals for well-being and improved health. 

R 1) Reminder – don’t let yourself forget your intentions. A note in the shower, or perhaps a sticker on your phone or watch that reminds you of the thing you need to work on?

R 2) Routine – I recently heard someone say they read a book about successful people saying that the majority are morning people, indeed early birds? This person has decided he wants to be super successful and as such is steadily changing his previous habit of working till the late hours to getting up at 6 every morning. The book informs him to go to bed thinking however little sleep he gains, that he will wake up feeling refreshed. Apparently it is working, he is getting more done and the thing he first does when he wakes up? His exercise

R 3) Reward – Positively reinforce your thoughts about your habit change by rewarding yourself – but with sense! However attractive and deserved you may feel there is little point breaking a habit you are working on by rewarding yourself with the very thing you are trying to give up.  Perhaps think bigger!!

We hope you, like us will find Lara’s three Rs of habit change useful and effective. They might help you break an annoying little habit or perhaps make a new habit that could change your life! Good luck and don’t forget – reminder, routine, reward!