Wednesday 4th November 2015 is National Stress Awareness Day and what better way to beat the angst than by working it out with some exercise. Sometimes if you’re feeling a bit tense the last thing you feel like doing might be working out but once you get going, the tension will start to melt away and you’ll continue to feel the effects on your body and your mind for a considerable amount of time afterwards. 

This year’s theme is promoting awareness of stress in the workplace amongst employers and employees. Combatting stress at work increases productivity and job satisfaction and decreases time off – a win win situation for everyone. Check out these ideas for squeezing in a workout to your working day, and why not encourage a colleague to join you? But first, find out how exercise produces these stress busting effects…

It’s not just the feeling of pounding the pavement or sparring a punch bag that relieves stress, there’s a lot of science to back up the effect exercise has on the brain. Putting your body through its paces, or even a gentle workout, releases endorphins into the body. These chemicals help to boost your mood, regulate your appetite and improve your sleep – all helping to combat the negative effects of stress. 

The physical benefits of moving those muscles also help to relieve aches and pains often associated with stress and tension in the body. 

This really is the one miracle cure for stress and the great news is you don’t even need to see your GP or get a prescription for exercise – just head to the gym, the park, the pool or the studio and walk, pound, stretch or lift it off. 

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