With the new year comes a renewed inspiration to workout. There are always plenty of cool new classes on the gym timetable, as well as other new trends popping up – but which ones are worth your time? Here are our top picks for fitness in 2017…

HIIT Pool Classes – High Intensity Interval Training has been gaining momentum in recent years, and in 2017 many of us will discover that it’s not limited to dry land. Many gym chains are adding classes in the pool that are much more intense than your standard aquarobics class. Intervals in the pool can be just as effective as those on dry land, but the water adds an extra pull on your movement as well as cushioning the joints.


Floating Yoga – No, we’re not joking. In fact, if you’re a regular follower of the yoga buffs on Instagram you might already be aware of this one. There’s a growing trend for yoga classes on surfboards or longboards floating on water. If your gym is not near a peaceful, serene lake you may find classes popping up where a surfboard is balanced in a sand box instead. The added instability of the foundation means you have to really concentrate on your own stability in order to avoid getting a soaking!


Suspension Training – You might have seen personal trainers using suspension training with their clients while you schlep along on the treadmill. These straps are usually suspended from the ceiling and allow a full body workout with the added benefit of working the core stability muscles as you fight to stay still against the highly mobile straps. Many gyms are now offering suspension training classes, where the only limit is the imagination of the instructor, as with suspension training you really can perform any sort of exercise, providing a low-impact cardio and strength workout.

images-2 Group_Personal_Training_at_a_Gym

Aerobics – Yes, really! Apparently the leotards and leg warmers are making a return to a community centre near you. Ok, perhaps it’s not a complete return to the 1980s, but dance-style cardio classes with a simple, “keep fit” type approach are becoming more popular. Expect to see more aerobics classes on the timetable at your local gym.


Outdoors Workouts – Obstacle course races like Tough Mudder have become incredibly popular, and are no longer the exclusive domain of the hardcore athlete. Lots of people take part in them as a personal challenge or a team effort to raise money for charity and they’re set to continue their popularity in 2017. As well as this though, there are likely to be lots more classes focussed on being outdoors – using equipment in children’s play parks has been a favourite for a while now, but many local councils have been investing in outdoor gyms recently too. In fact, many gyms even offer Parkour classes as well. If you’re an outdoorsy type, 2017 could be great fun for you!


Are you trying a different type of workout this year? Do let us know which of these has caught your eye, or if your local gym is putting on something new and exciting that we’re not talking about. We love to try new things; it’s a great way to keep fitness engaging and exciting.