pumpkin chilli


In celebration of Vegetarian Week (16-22 May), we’re sharing our favourite protein packed vegetarian recipes from around the web. Protein is a really important component of a balanced diet, particular for busy activbods. Eating protein after a workout is crucial to help your muscle fibres repair so make sure you fuel up after you cool down for a speedy recovery. There’s a common misconception that protein is only found in meat and dairy, which means people often dismiss vegetarian food as part of post-workout nutrition but don’t be fooled! You’ll be surprised how much protein you can get from a vegetarian diet – and it’s perfectly adequate without meat as long as you know where to find it!


Pumpkin Chilli from The Iron You

This recipe for pumpkin chilli proves that vegan food can be hearty, filling and packed with powerful flavour! It’s up to you how much punch you want it to pack – just adapt the amount of chilli to your taste. A serving of the Iron You’s pumpkin chilli contains a whopping 13g of protein!



Chipotle Bean Burritos from Runs With Spatulas

If Mexican food is your thing then you should try these super quick and easy to make Chipotle Bean Burritos from Runs with Spatula. Beans are a brilliant source of protein so try adding them to your diet (whether or not you are vegetarian). There are loads of different type of beans so experiment until you find some you love. This recipe contains a humongous 41.4g of protein – which is more than you’ll find in many meaty dishes!




Pulses such as lentils and chick peas are another great plant based source of protein. When cooked properly with some punchy ingredients they make a delicious, flavoursome meal. This recipe combines lentils with lots of veggies for a super healthy supper.



Peanutty Quinoa Bowls with Baked Tofu from Oh My Veggies

Quinoa – that thing no-one knows quite what it is or how to say it (it’s a South American seed pronounced Kee-Nwah if you’re wondering!) is a great alternative to cereals and grains…why? Because it’s a good source of protein. Add in tofu and peanuts and you’re on to a recovery winner.



Meatless MeatLoaf with Mushroom Gravy from the Food Network

Meatless Meatloaf..? Are you sure?! Yes! You’ll be surprised at the rich flavours and ‘meaty’ textures you can create using plant-based ingredients. Mushrooms in particular are great for re-creating a meaty taste and the other ingredients of tofu, wheatgerm and walnuts all make this a protein packing meal.


Roasted Tomato, Zucchini and Smoked Cheese Casserole from The Iron You

Another favourite from The Iron You, this roasted tomato, zucchini (that’s courgette) and smoked cheese casserole has a great smokey flavour and with 15g of protein has a great big dose of protein to help those muscles repair for the next workout!