core circuit


There are heaps of benefits to working out with your partner – a bit of healthy competition means you are more likely to see results, you can keep each other motivated and it’s much more fun than being a lone gym-ranger! 

Plus, it’s a proven fact that exercise increases endorphins in your body, raises your serotonin levels and makes your sex drive soar – so we’ve asked some friends to recommend some workouts for you to try out with your bae for Valentines Day…

Heather Fell’s Couple’s Core Circuits  

Heather Fell won a silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing in the Individual Modern Pentathlon. She is a former Junior World Champion and a former World Number One. You can find her tweeting at @heatherfellnews

The laws of attraction say we are naturally attracted to people of a similar level of attractiveness…so try this workout to make sure you’re both rocking equally great sets of abs. You can even gaze into each other’s eyes as you do some of these exercises….

1 – Overhead weighted crunch

Start in crunch lying looking at your partner with your toes touching.

One starts with weight (can use bag of sugar even) in hands resting on floor above head.

Both crunch up keeping arms straight (and holding the weight) as they come over the head.

Pass the weight to your partner before lowering yourself back down, as they lower down with weight.

Repeat with passing the weight between crunches.

2 – High five plank

Both in the plank position facing each other with arms length distance between you.

Diagonal high fives, so right hand to right hand, then swap to left.

Continue whilst keeping body as still as possible.

3 – Twisted crunch hold

Lie parallel to each other in hover crunch position (feet and head off the ground) at arms length distance apart.

One starts with weight in hands touching the floor on far side.

Pass the weight across your body in a rotation action to your partner.

Your partner takes weight to their far side and touches the ground, whilst you mirror without weight.


Change sides to keep completely even.