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Swimming is great for your body! Not only is it a great cardio work out, burning calories and aiding weight loss, it also helps build muscle and improves your heart health.

We’re answering your top three questions about swimming to encourage you to put on your swim suit and take the plunge.

Can swimming make you stronger?

Yes – did you know water is twelve times denser than air? So while you’re swimming you are pushing your limbs through this density. Each stroke acts as a resistance movement which will improve your muscle tone and make you stronger.

Does swimming count as cardio?

Absolutely! As long as you are swimming hard enough your muscles will need extra glucose and oxygen making this a cardio workout. Check out how many calories you’ll burn with an hour’s swimming:

swimming calories Infographic.png

Does swimming burn fat?

An hour of fast freestyle swimming burns just over 700 calories, so do that five days a week and that’s a whole 1lb of fat melted away! Or try switching it up by alternating between gentle and more vigorous laps. This interval style training is proven to burn fat faster than going at a consistent speed so make sure you mix it up a bit.

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