We know how important a good breakfast is, especially when you’re a busy activbod. One of our favourite new breakfast brands is Spoon Cereals, so to celebrate breakfast week (24-30th January) we took five minutes with co-founder Jonny to talk all things breakfast. Not only that but Spoon Cereals have kindly given us a pack of each of their flavours to giveaway! Visit our Facebook page to enter by simply telling us in 5 words what sums up your perfect breakfast…



Annie and Jonny – Co-founders of Spoon Cereals. Follow Spoon Cereals on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all things granola.

So Jonny…

Tell us 5 words that sum up the perfect breakfast:

Energising, relaxed, social, tasty, oaty

What was your inspiration behind Spoon Cereals?

Spoon was inspired by my business partner Annie’s passion for a good bowl of cereal on the way to work. We discussed the idea at a family BBQ and a few weeks later we had our first stall, selling fresh pots of granola to take away, with granola that had been baked and muesli that had been mixed in our home kitchens. That seems a long time ago now, despite being only two years, but our original philosophy of simple recipes with high-quality ingredients remains exactly the same.

Have you always been passionate about breakfast?

I used to love breakfast as a child and then, for years, I would skip breakfast due to my very early work start. I used to eat breakfast only a couple of hours after starting work. Now that my work allows more time in the mornings I love breakfast at home, particularly anything oat-based. I’ll even add oats to smoothies when I make them.

Your philosophy is all about a balanced lifestyle. How does exercise fit in to that and how do you find the time to work out when you’re busy creating your delicious granola?

We have busy days at Spoon but there needs to be time for movement and exercise every day – we find it important to feel good to be able to do our best work and movement and fresh air is key to this. If we are feeling low on energy or inspiration we will head out for a walk or maybe go and work somewhere outside the office. I normally workout after work but I quite often come in to the office to find that Annie has been to a morning yoga class or gone for a run – we all have a different approach to a similar goal.

Do you breakfast then workout or workout then breakfast?

Always workout then breakfast. For me the other way around does not work. I will normally have two glasses of water as soon as I wake up and then maybe half a banana before a workout, leaving a proper breakfast until afterwards.

What is your favourite way to eat Spoon Cereal?

I love eating Spoon Peanut + Apple Granola just very simply with some greek yoghurt (never low fat). To make it extra special I add a blueberry compote. Who doesn’t love apples and blueberries together?


We can vouch for these being delicious! To get your hands on one visit us on Facebook and tell us in 5 words what you think makes the perfect breakfast…