kim ingle


World Health Day this year is about getting active, moving your body, eating fresh, feel good foods and reducing the risk of Diabetes. Try these simple tips to help you boost you energy, feel good and think happy:
* Spend 10mins each day stretching, I love the Tibetan 5 moves, as they really work your whole body, helping to improve flexibility and movement.  Focus on using good, deep breathes, and as you do it, breathe in a feeling you would like, such as confidence, and breathe out a feeling you would like to reduce, like stress
* Think about the foods you are eating and if they help your mind and body to feel good, strong and healthy.  Each week aim to add in a new fresh, healthy food and try one new recipe.  Each week also aim to reduce one thing or habit that is limiting you from feeling good.
* 3-4 times a week make a little time to do 30-45mins of exercise, mix it up, from cycling and walk/running, to lifting weights or dancing, it doesn’t matter what, as long as you are lifting your heart rate and boosting you fitness.  Get your friends involved, sign up to a charity challenge, anything that will motivate you too make the time, change your habit and keep going
* Watch your posture whilst you are at work, sitting and standing tall, gently switching your core muscles on, can make all the difference to how you feel, set a reminder or stick a post note on your computer to sit up, and remember to move every hour or so.