For the Triathlete:

New to the activbod range, sore no more is the essential anti-friction cream to help prevent chafing – the Triathlete’s nemesis! Grapeseed oil & soothing calendula give a silky smooth feel & anti-inflammatory properties. Menthol cools the skin for optimum comfort.

For the Skier:

It’s not just mulled wine that’ll help them relax & relieve tension this season.
turn up the heat après ski with this warming muscle roller gel. It melts away muscle tension with arnica, rosemary & ginger (& no smelly camphor!) after a long day on the slopes.

For the Yogi:

A little Mind over Matter goes a long way. This portable aromatherapy balm helps focus the mind with rosemary, peppermint and bergamot. Peppermint also helps clear the respiratory track helping the Yogi connect to their breath.

For the Swimmer:

Say goodbye to sticky lotions sliding all over the Swimmer in hot changing rooms. Cooling Finish Lotion cools the skin with menthol as it moisturises with Vitamin E leaving them feeling refreshed and smelling great.

For the Runner:

This terrific trio is everything the Runner needs for a race routine personal best. Begin with Mind over Matter at the start line followed by Turn up the Heat for tired post-race legs and finally Pick me up Scrub for a get home treat.

For the Serious activbod:

For the most serious of activbods there’s just one gift that’ll do – pull out the big guns with the Full Workout. That’s everything needed for the best post exercise routine. All in a FREE practical and stylish gym bag.

For the Gymmer or Spinner:

This absorbent and soft gym towelis perfect to have around whilst at spin or the gym. It’s clever zipper pocket it is great for storing your phone, keys, card and money whilst you work out, keeping them safe and sweat free.

For the Everyday activbod:

For the busy body, everyday active enthusiast (or a wanna be activboder) the workout essentials kitis perfect. It contains all the essentials to make your exercise more rewarding and more confidence boosting.

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