You don’t need a gym membership to get and stay fit! Perhaps you hate the atmosphere in a gym, or your local gym is not open when you want to train. Or maybe you just can’t get to a gym full stop, that’s no reason to sink onto the couch with a family-sized bag of crisps. There are plenty of workouts you can do at home – or even in the park this summer – with minimal or even no equipment.

You don’t even need to have a couple of hours to kill, as Tabata and HIIT training have both been shown to produce results within just a few minutes. A Tabata workout is just four minutes long, but you will definitely know you’ve been exercising!

Here are five workouts you can do without needing to set foot in a gym.

Tabata Workout

The most important thing to remember for a tabata workout is that although the interval is only 20 seconds, it should be the hardest 20 seconds of your day. You should feel like you couldn’t do that exercise for 21 seconds, and by the third exercise you should be looking at the clock, wondering if it’s broken.
This video is a great starting point; once you’ve done it a couple of times you can customise it by adding or changing exercises. Download an app called Gym Boss that will help to time intervals for you.

15-Minute HIIT

This is a great, easy to follow workout with exercises that are easy to modify if you’re not quite as fit as the instructor!

Upper Body Workout

Home workouts needn’t only be cardio based – and you don’t need to invest in loads of heavy weights and equipment to get a good upper body workout. This one is easy to follow with exercises that will challenge you.

Lower Body Workout 

This workout will take you through exercises to target your whole lower body without any equipment.

Full Body

This one is a HIIT cardio & abs workout that will definitely make you feel like you’ve worked hard!

Top tips for getting the most out of a home workout
● Take it seriously! It’s easy to just skip the bits that look tough, or to stop before the interval ends if it hurts, but that won’t get you very far in the long term.
● Schedule it. The best way to get into any form of exercise routine is to make it a non-negotiable part of your day. Find a time when you can definitely do a workout every day, and stick to it.
● Dress for it. Just because you’re not going out in public, you can’t just slide off the sofa in your grubby jeans and start an exercise video! Again, this helps you to form a good habit.
● Take it outside. With the weather (hopefully) warming up for the summer, take your workout to the local park. Getting some fresh air will make your workout more enjoyable – and you might even feel inspired to run around the park before you head home!
● Have fun! If it’s not fun, you won’t stick with it long term. Don’t be afraid to experiment by trying different videos, even if it’s basically the same exercises but with a different person presenting it.

There is lots of equipment on the market for home workouts, and it can seem incredibly daunting when you first start out – but hopefully we have shown you that you don’t need anything more than a sports bra and a pair of trainers to start exercising from home.