Whether you’re running, swimming or lifting weights, a personal best is something we all like to achieve. You don’t need to be competing at an elite level to feel that buzz when you find you’ve beaten your previous best ever. Training is always important in these things, but it’s also really important to remember the saying: you can’t outrun a bad diet! The best way to keep improving in your training is to ensure your diet is providing you with all of the essential nutrients you need to replace what you’ve burned off as well as build and maintain muscle.

What are the best foods to eat pre workout?

images toastbanana fruit smoothie

It’s a good idea to fuel up on a mix of complex and simple carbs before your workout – this is so that your body can burn off the simple carbs straight away, and then move on to the complex carbs, giving you a longer period of sustained energy. A good example of this is wholemeal toast with peanut butter and sliced banana. The fruit gives you that first kick of energy while the wholemeal toast sustains your energy level.
If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to eat before training, why not make a smoothie up with some fruit, porridge and almond milk with a scoop of protein powder. For added benefit, why not add in a hand full of spinach – we promise you won’t be able to taste it!
Another option would be to have a bowl of porridge which is fantastic pre workout as it provides sustained energy over a longer period of time. If you don’t fancy plain porridge, add in some berries for a tastier meal and a bonus kick of vitamins and energy.

What should I eat post workout?

vegeomelette salmonvegetables
After your workout it’s important to eat something with plenty of nutrients, so lots of vegetables is always a great idea. Add in some lean protein to fill you up while providing your body with what it needs to rebuild muscles, and you’re on to a winner. A vegetable omelette would be a great idea here, with some olive oil or avocado for healthy fats. Another great idea is grilled salmon – which has both protein and healthy fats – with steamed vegetables and sweet potato. Sweet potato is a great alternative to regular potatoes as it’s a more complex carb and also has higher levels of vitamins C and K. If neither of these appeals, what about a salad with tuna and lots of spinach. Instead of using mayo as a dressing, try a spoonful of hummus instead, which is much better for you and high in fibre so will help to keep you feeling full.


When it comes to training to beat a PB, the actual workout is only half the battle. Your diet is incredibly important when it comes to exercise, as it provides you with the energy you need for exercise, as well as helping to rebuild your body after working out. With a good diet you can see your training improve much more quickly, and your current personal best will be a thing of the past!