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We all love apps, don’t we? Ten years ago we were excited just to be sending text messages with our mobiles, but now we use our phones for everything from taking photos to tracking our calendar to meditation. It stands to reason then, that many of us now use apps on our phones to track and monitor our fitness. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, there are thousands of apps available and many of them are fitness related. Here are our picks for the top fitness apps for 2016.


Charity Miles

This app is a great way to motivate yourself to get moving, while also raising money for good causes. The idea is that corporate sponsors donate to the charity of your choice, for every mile you run, walk or cycle. Choose your charity, and get going! It’s really easy to set up, with a quick-start option where you literally just choose your charity and how you’re moving, and then you can get going.



The Fitbit app is brilliant for anyone who is into fitness; whether they’re just starting out and hoping to lose a few pounds, or have been doing this for years and just want to keep a track of their workouts. This is an app that works in conjunction with the actual Fitbit, which you buy separately. It keeps track of your steps, your sleep pattern and various other things depending on which Fitbit you buy. However, if you don’t have a Fitbit the app is still incredibly useful; you can use it to keep track of your calories, your workouts, water consumption and weight goals.



This is a great app for those of us who don’t necessarily know which exercises to do. You set up a profile with your basic information, and decide on a type of workout from a massive list. You tell it whether you want beginner, intermediate or advanced level, and it gives you a workout to do which is simple and easy to follow. There are hundreds of workouts to choose from, and once you choose one you can download it to your device. The only down-side is that you can search by level and type of workout, but not by keyword.  You can create custom workouts though, and set goals and share photos. There is even the option to share your workouts with your friends which is great for motivation and accountability.



This is a great app for anyone who’s just starting out and feeling a little uninspired by the whole health and fitness thing. As well as tracking your calorie intake, it gives you suggestions not only of workouts but also healthy recipes to keep you on track. There are also articles about health and fitness that are both informative and interesting. It has a very sociable aspect to it, with people forming groups and chatting to each other. You can also link this app with numerous others to allow you to better track exercise, steps taken etc.



Wouldn’t it be great if there was a cash incentive to make you go to the gym? Well, as it happens there is. The idea behind Pact is that you make a weekly pact to exercise more or eat better – and then you say how much you will pay other Pact members if you don’t reach your goal. If you meet your goal, you get paid. If you don’t, you pay up – and someone else who did reach their goal will be paid from the communal pot. This works really well for people who struggle to stay motivated as on the days they don’t feel like going they know it will cost them money in a more real sense than unused gym membership. The app verifies that you’ve hit your goals by having you check in at the places you said you would workout.



There are so many apps out there which use GPS to track your walking, running or cycling; they’re all much of a muchness, really. Where Strava differs is that it allows you to compete on a leaderboard of other people who’ve run the same courses or areas as you. If you’re fiercely competitive but don’t always have a friend to compete against, this is the app for you.


Do you have a favourite fitness app that we have not featured here? Leave a comment below to tell us your top fitness app for 2016; we’d hate to miss out on something brilliant!