outdoor running


It’s got to that time of year again when the trees are turning, the weather’s getting crisper and the nights are drawing in. On Sunday 25th October the clocks will be changing and although we don’t all welcome the darker evenings we do all welcome the gift of an extra hour!

One extra hour – that’s 60 minutes, or 3600 seconds to occupy. But what will you do with yours? We’ve come up with five activities to inspire you to fill your extra hour on Sunday morning. Which will you choose?

  1. Take your dog/friend/Mum for a walk.

Walking is often overlooked as a good workout but it’s a great way to burn calories and lower impact that running. Take a brisk Sunday morning stroll for an hour and enjoy the fresh air and the autumn colours – and why not encourage someone to join you!

  1. Try a Sunday morning fitness class – for free!

Fitness classes don’t need to break the bank. You’ll be surprised how many free classes there are available – a great way to try something new or at the end of the month when the budget is tight.

Reebok Functional Fitness and Lululemon (yoga) in Covent Garden both have free classes on a Sunday morning. Find out about free classes in the capital via Timeout London.

  1. Swim in the sea, or the pool.

If you are lucky enough to live near the coast you might be surprised to hear that in October sea temperatures are still above average in most parts of the UK. You might still want to grab your wetsuit or have a decent change robe ready for when you get out (Our favourites are DryRobe for keeping the warmth in and the elements out).

If wild swimming isn’t your thing then head to your local swimming pool. Want to find out how swimming benefits your body and how many calories you can burn in an hour? Read our swimming blog.

  1. Run away from zombies

Halloween is looming so it’s a good time to practice running away from zombies – and there is an app to help you! Download Zombies Run Game, get your mission, and spend a terrifying hour running away from zombies – a sure way to notch some time off your PB!

  1. Sleep for an extra hour. Oh go on then!

We hope you enjoy your extra hour on Sunday. We’re going to be at the Bristol to Bath marathon cheering the runners through the finish line and helping them recover in the race village. Let us know what you do with your extra hour via social media @iamactivbod